2021 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Local Business

The time has come for local business owners to examine their marketing strategies to ensure they are situated to effectively change their advertising and marketing strategies for the coming year. Being flexible and streamlined is the only way you'll be able to redesign strategies to stay in front of your target market and succeed. The small business owners and entrepreneurs who will be triumphant are those who set achievable goals, embrace technology, and start the year off with a strong and effective plan. Keep reading to learn which digital marketing trends will effect your local business in 2021.

Conversational Marketing & AI

One of the most exciting trends in today’s digital marketing world is Conversational marketing. Many are seeing amazing results by incorporating messaging, conversational interfaces, and artificial intelligence plugins. In fact, conversational marketing is quickly becoming foundation of local business digital marketing. 

Utilizing conversational marketing is the fastest method to get prospects and customers to go through your sales funnel by using real-time automated and personalized communication. It builds a quick and meaningful relationship that is greatly appreciated by customers as people have lost their patience for traditional marketing funnels that take them through multiple repetitive and impersonal steps. 

Creating a successful conversational marketing campaign  with a high conversion rate takes three important steps—engage, understand, and recommend. Doing this creates a more personal, human buying experience. Not only that, but, as a business owner, you’ll learn a lot more about your prospects and customers and be able to pinpoint which features and products are useful and which aren’t working. This allows you to increase conversion rates as you get specific insights into what your customer is looking for. 

Video Is No Longer Optional

If you haven’t already incorporated video marketing for your local business, the time to get started is NOW! Video has become top-dog when it comes to marketing services and products online.

Your prospects and customers are watching more and more video content every single day. In today’s digital world, watching videos about anything and everything, at any time on your smartphone has become incredibly easy and you want people seeing your content. Check out the statistics:

  • 71% of marketers believe video content brings better conversion rates.
  • 54% of consumers want to see more videos about products to guide their purchasing decisions.

As you can see from these stats, video marketing has become a necessity for your businesses digital marketing.  Want to take it one step further? Live streaming creates a buzz around you, your business and the products or services you offer.

The Fall Of Facebook

Facebook has slowly fallen from its throne as the king of social media marketing. Research from Forbes states that more than half of its users are over the age of 60. While Facebook is far from becoming only a memory for social media marketing; it is definitely lagging behind other platforms and having a hard time engaging the younger generations. They prefer a more interactive and visual experience like TikTok and InstagramWhile Facebook may have a large share of social media users, as a marketer, it’s important to make sure the demographic you are targeting is using the platform you’re marketing on. 

The Influx Of Instagram

The popularity of Instagram has skyrocketed with the younger generations. Currently, there are more than 1,000,000,000 Instagram users and most of them are age 30 or below. So, be sure to give other social media platforms a try when you’re planning your digital marketing strategy – It takes more than just Facebook.

Don't Get Left Behind

The target for your digital marketing is always changing and evolving. The constant ebb and flow of Trends will always come and go. It’s been that way from day one. But there’s one constant rule that every great marketer focuses on no matter what – connect with your audience and communicate how your customers can benefit from your products and services. Just be sure that your message is not lost in the maze of constant content being pushed on your prospects. Use these 2021 digital marketing trends with a focus on personal, customer-centric messages and content.

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