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005: I Am a Coach and Need an Easy, Effective, and Efficient Back-Office System

This 4-part workshop series focuses on the top 3 back-office systems that successful coaches use to manage their business.

Many coaches aren’t tech-savvy and overlook the importance of having effective and efficient systems in place.

Without the right systems, there is a lack of confidence and apprehension around networking and marketing for business.

This can all be avoided by attending this workshop and learning how a well-known process connects to the top 3 systems every coach should be used to manage their people and time.

Every workshop attendee will walk away with an understanding of:

  • How the day-to-day operations equate to marketing strategies
  • How easy it will be to set up effective and efficient back-office systems
  • Where they need to invest ‘shiny object’ dollars to be more efficient and effective in managing their business

About Kim Gray

I am Kim Gray of My First Coaching Client, a self-proclaimed Introvert, and a certified Marketing Coach for Introverts. Since 2007, I have worked with over 300 Introvert and Extrovert coaches on various issues and challenges in their business. The most common issue my Introvert coaches have has been with a cold list or no list of prospects due to NOT marketing on a consistent basis. I was the same way until I had an ‘aha’ moment that changed my thinking. All my anxiety about networking and marketing shifted when I learned that marketing was about building relationships! As introverts, aren’t we all about making connections and building relationships? That’s when I understood the difference in how I wanted to market my business in a way that worked for me. This insight has allowed me to empower my Introvert coaches to do the same, and this course is a great stepping stone.

To learn more about Kim Gray visit http://myfirstcoachingclient.com

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