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Boost It For $1/Day

“Dollar a Day” is another jewel when it comes to social marketing strategy. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to test your content for $1/day. find out what performs best and then blast off with it.

To get started, all you need to do is boost a post for 7-days in a row while layering on new boosted posts every following day.

In the first week, the most you’ll spend in a day is $7.

Then, it all comes down to knowing when to keep a post boosted and when to shut it down.

You’ll most likely end a lot of posts, but when they’re good – add $30 for 30 more days. Then keep a lookout for the superstar posts by testing new audiences and higher budgets.

Once you’ve found a superstar posts, blast off with it – spend more money on them since the return is worth it. The one thing to look out for is not letting the advertising to more than 10% of the available audience at once, or it might fizzle out.

Simple and Straight-forwar!

Just remember – it may take some time to find a winner and what works best for you. Be sure to take notes, take screenshots, and create checklists so that when you find that winning post where everything works – you can know exactly what to do again to replicate it. 

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