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Brand With A Topic Wheel

Anyone can brand themselves or better brand their business and even become a successful influencer without needing to be a celebrity to do it.

All you really need is a few simple things:

  1. Topics you’re passionate about
  2. Consistent, engaging content
  3. Help from established influencers

The Topic Wheel was designed by Dennis Yu to help you do all three and it’s extremely powerful. You’ll be able to produce content faster and collect what customers and influencers are saying about you so you can use that information to your advantage.

Create Some Bubbles

Take out a piece of paper and, using the example below, write your name or glue a picture of yourself in the middle, “WHAT” section.

In a circle around yourself, list the six topics you care about most. Anything goes.

Find Some Influencers

Take all 6 topics you wrote down and think of the first 3 people that come to mind for each one (they don’t have to be people you know). Then, uing the example below, write their names or glue their picture onto the corresponding spot.

What you’ll have is the 6 topics you’re most passionate about and a list of influencers who could be your ambassador—For example: Influencers or brands that could be willing to help you make a name for yourself in those areas.

This is important because, like it or not, you are you are who you you hang out with most. 

Record 60-Second Videos

Now it’s time for the real work.

For each circle, reach out and do your best to make a video with each influencer about the topic you linked them to.

It doesn’t have to be long – a minute or two is fine. Short interviews actually work best because they don’t take a bunch of preperation, there more easily digested and they tend to be more engaging.

Try to uncover a few golden-nuggets of advice, an interesting personal story, or something entertaining. It’s important to remember that it’s not about you, per se, so don’t fish for compliments or force an influencer to mention your social channels or business – if it happens organically, fantastic but don’t expect it or try to arrange it.

If you know the influencer and can easily get ahold of them, put them at the top of the list. The more you’re seen with and spend time with these influencers, the more you’ll benefit from their influence. 

If you try but just can’t get in touch with an influencer, all hope is not lost. Create a video ABOUT them or their content. By associating yourself with them, you’re creating a connection and can still see the benefits. By tagging them in that video, you might even find that they reach out to you or you’ll discover a way to get in touch with them later.

Find Winners & Forget The Losers

The next step is to promote each video and find the winners.

The goal is to build up a list of “greatest hits”. Like many attempts at social media marketing, you’re going to end up having some that don’t produce as well as they should or you wanted them to, but 10% of them might do well, and 2% will be diamonds that provide a ton of value for a long while into the future.

See which videos perform best by comparing them against the following benchmarks.

The point is to find the winners—the videos which are earning you two cents per video view or $3 per lead—into an audience, from awareness to engagement to conversion. 

Set Lofty Goals & Make It Happen

By now, you should have a set of videos that are well on their way to making you more recognizable in the fields you’re passionate about—depending on how good they are and much you’ve spent promoting them.

Sometimes this strategy is all you need to attract a lot of attention on social media and potential customers. You may find people coming out of nowhere asking for your opinion about this or that or even requesting interviews.

Other times, you may need to do a little more. If you haven’t already written guest articles or posts on industry sites, use the content you’re promoting to secure a column for a trade publication. If you already speak at events, try to lock down your first keynote.

Use the wheel with ALL of your marketing efforts. If someone downloads a paper from your site or interacts with you in some way, add them to your topic wheel campaign. The possibilities are truly endless.

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