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Giveaways & Contests

Business Specific Givaways/Contests

The best lead generating giveaways and contests are tied to your business directly.

If you sell shoes? Give away a pair of shoes!

Own a restaurant? Give away a date night!

Chiropractor? Give away a service package !


Whatever you choose to give away, make sure to relate it to your busines, product or service. It doesn’t have to be worth $1,000,000, but it should have enough value that people jump at the chance to win.

Giveaways and contests can generate ALOT of valuable leads. If someone enters to win, you have no doubt that they have interest in what you offer. The entrants who don’t win provide you with a list of qualified leads to follow up with. 

Non Specific Giveaways & Contests

While business specific giveaways and contests will provide the best results, you can still recieve 1000’s of direct leads with non specific prizes. If you you really just can’t think of something that’s related to your business, there’s always something you can use as a  prize:

  • Gift cards (Visa, Amazon, Google Play, Restaurants, Gas, etc.)
  • Gadgets (iPads, iWatches, Alexa, GoPro, Roomba, headphones, XBOX, etc.)
  • Clothing (t-shirts, socks, hoodies, etc.)
  • Tickets (sports games, Disney, theater, Concert, etc.)
  • Food (coffee, candy, cupcakes…more on this in a second)

To grab a little more attention, try something a little more unique:

Option 1: An Amazing Experience

Look at the prizes Funnelytics thought of for they giveaway:

Talk about amazing experiences! How many people would jump at the chance to have a duffle bag full of money showing up on their doorstep. Don’t you think they would celebrate and tell everyone how awesome you and you business are? 

Option 2: Local Swag

People love cool locally-themed stuff that makes them feel included and special – like they’re one of the few that have it. 

Giving away local swag, not only, helps you be able to directly target your local market – without fail, it provides great results. 

No matter where you’re from, there’s sure to be a local idea you can utilize. What is your city, town, county or state known for? The world’s best tasting Honey? A famous landmark or tourist attraction? – Get creative!

Check this San Francisco themed gift basket out with local products:

Option 3: Be Creative With Cupcakes

Believe it or not, cupcakes have some pretty serious marketing power. In fact, they might end up being the most effective giveaway prize.

The first things that comes to mind for most people when planning a giveaway tends to be things like iPads, $1000 gift cards, etc. But, if you take the time to be a little creative you may find something much less expensive, meaning more people can win which turns into more buzz about you and your business online.

What’s the reason something like this works? No one really knows, however the concensus is that cupcakes seem more attainable than an iPad or $1000 gift card and people feel like they have a better chance of winning. So, before breaking the bank on an iPad or gift card, try teaming up with the nearest bakery – they might even be willing to give you them free if you mention them in your ad.

The point is to be creative – it doensn’t have to be cupcakes or anything specific – think chocolate, candy, cronuts, beef Jerky, etc.

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