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Instagram Giveaway Loops

Giveaways are a great way to get attention and some great engagement.

While they don’t always provide the most targeted leads, no one can deny that giveaways provide a spike in the amount of people paying attention to you and your business—for a while, at least.

What Is A Giveaway Loop?

giveaway loop is a strategy on Instagram when you partner with other accounts within your niche or industry to attract their followers. It can be very affordable since you are splitting the cost of the prizes between partners. It is usually more effective than a regular giveaway due to a much wider reach and larger exposure.

If you’re curious and want to see one in action? Search #loopgiveaways on Instagram.

To get started, follow these easy steps:

STEP 1: Choose Your Theme

Your theme can be a products or a type of business like barber shops or buotique clothing stores.

For example: A dog groomer might choose dog treats as their theme. They wouldn’t want to choose tech gadgets or sports events because that wouldn’t fit their brand.

Another idea that can work like a charm if you own a local business – Invite other local businesses in your area. Maybe all your downtown neighbors would be willing to team up and get in on the action?

STEP 2: Invite

There’s no hard and fast rule about how many accounts you should invite to join in on the loop. You could have as little as 2 and as many as 50 or more. The more the merrier since it will increase your exposure.

It’s just important to invite people or businesses that are in your niche or industry. The point is that you want an audience comprised of people who are interested in brands like yours. Using the dog groomer example: they could invite pet stores, other dog groomers, vets, animal rescues kennels, dog spas, etc.

STEP 3: Determine The Rules

Once you’ve found partners willing and excited to be part of the giveaway, settle on the rules.

Should people entering in the contest be located in a certain city, county, etc? Should they be between a certain age range? What are the steps you’ll require to enter the loop?

There’s no need to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Look up other loop giveaways, find one you like, and copy their format.


Important: It’s important to follow the FTC guidelines. One of these is to put a concise disclosure in the caption. Violation of this rule could result in suspensions or fines. Here’s an example disclosure to use at the bottom of the caption:

STEP 4: Pick Your Prize

There’s no doubt that the biggest variable of success in your giveaway is the prize. Make sure it’s something awesome.

There are acouple of ways to have your partners help:

  1. Collect cash from partners – anywhere from $25 to $200. That way you can use that bankroll to purchase a good prize. 
  2. Require partners to pitch in a prize of their own. For example: partner 1 could provide a gift card, partner 2 could provide a gift set, and partner 3 could provide a product.

The point is to pick a prize that fits within your niche or industry, whether it’s a single item or a package of fantastic things.

STEP 5: Create & Schedule Your Post

All members in the loop must use the same image and caption for their post. This avoids confusion and ensures everyone is promoting accurate information.

Make sure all tags are correct and map out your accounts. The whole thing will fall apart if someone tags the wrong account.

Now, figure out the hashtags you’d like to use and when you’ll launch. 

Important: All members in the loop must post at the same time.
If people mess it up, they’ll break the loop.

Once everything’s set-up and ready to go, launch it.

STEP 6: Promote Your Giveaway

Now that your giveaway loop is live, you’ll want to get as much exposure as possible.

Blast it all over including a link to the initial giveaway post on Instagram: email, YouTube, blog, podcast, etc.

If you want to gain extra exposure or aren’t quite getting the results you’re looking for, purchase some ads to fan the flames. 

STEP 7: Announce The Winner

Once your giveaway ends, you’ll need to announce the lucky winner.

Announce the winner by posting an image of the prizes with the winning person’s account tagged and captioned. All members of the loop should also share the winner announcement.

This is important to build credibility. If you decide to run a loop again, people will be more likely to try and win since they know you actually provide the prize.


STEP 8: Retain Your New Followers

The real work begins when the giveaway ends – you’ll want to keep as many of your new followers as possible.

After the giveaway ends, a good chunk of people may vanish.

One effective way to keep people around is to reward them for participating. The reward doesn’t have to be anything expensive. You can email them a discount code, exclusive deal, digital product, or even offer them an automatic entry into your next giveaway.

A huge pro to this method is by getting people’s emails, you’ll be able to contact them down the road even if they unfollow you. 

Ask for feedback from the people that entered. This will help you build relationships. Ask them what prizes they would like to see in the next giveaway. Ask if they had any problems with the giveaway. 

Are Loops Worth It?:

The answer is a resounding YES!

While there’s some debate out there as to whether giveaway loops have a positive or negative effect. Some believe their account gets flooded with unengaged followers that could hurt your future post’s reach. However, there are plenty of others who are ecstatic with the huge spike in followers.

A well planned giveaway can get you and your business discovered by thousands of people. Of course there’s a chance that entrants will unfollow you after the giveaway ends but as long as you are producing great content, why would they? In fact, the difference between people who love giveaway loops and those who don’t seems to be their ability to keep the followers they gained engaged.

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