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Lead Ads On Facebook

Lead Ads are ads that people see like any other ad. However, with a Lead Ad, when someone clicks, a card similar to a landing page pops up. If the prospect is interested, they can submit a form that’s  already populated with their info.

You can see an example of a Facebook lead ad for a produce delivery service. They are offering a 10% off a persons next order, and prospects can grab that offer by simply clicking the button and their information is automatically submitted.

Lead Ads can perform up to 10x better than ads that link to external landing page off Facebook. It’s all about catching people’s attention and avoiding any inconvenience by letting them stay on Facebook and convert as easily as possible.

The Lead Ad Success Strategy:

Industry Specific Ads

When structuring your lead ads, always use the name of your prospect’s job title, business or industry.

If you’re targeting agencies, say “agencies”.

If you’re targeting Chiropractors, say “Chiropractors”.

And so on…

If you’re Lead Ad isn’t producing leads, this is most likely the reason why. 

How do you find the right message?

Start with a blank piece of paper. Write down a all the information about your product or service and ask questions about how it can help your audience and who is the ideal customer. This CAN take some time but if you want to get the best results, it’s worth it.

Set Up Lead Ads

If you’re not familiar with setting up lead ads, follow these guides:

How To Set Up A Lead Ad On Facebook

How To Set Up A Lead Ad On LinkedIn

Use Conversions For Lookalike Audiences

If you have past ad data, be sure to leverage that data. Take past ad conversions to create Lookalike Audiences. You can always use audiences using other channel’s conversion data, but you should see much higher success when you’re able to use your own.

Don't Fear Large Audiences

Sometimes trying a Lookalike audience with lead ad conversions can return a very large audience.

While marketers are taught to narrow there audience down as much as possible, this isn’t always the case and with Lead Ad Lookalike audiences it can produce a massive amount of qualified leads.

Bidding Strategy

Once you’ve got an audience that’s converting well and your ad relevance of 8+, it’s time to for some bidding magic.

If you’re using Facebook’s auto-bid setting, switch to manual bid and raise it to the higher end of the auction. This puts your ads near the top of the pile where you’ll be hitting news feeds at max capacity.

Again, only do this with your BEST ads.

Since your ad relevance is high, you’ll get a low cost for each lead. Facebook loves content its users like. 

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