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Loop It On LinkedIn

Creating a successful Viral loop can be pretty hard to pull off, but this strategy makes it crazy easy.

You’ve probably seen these before on your own social feeds, a post where tons of people are commenting the same thing like “Yes” or some other random word to get something like a free download or a gift. 

This sneaky tactic is called engagement baiting – and while it’s not a new idea and social media platforms hate it, It works wonders if you know how and where to do it. 

You make an offer to people and get them to Like, comment, and/or share your post in exchange for something – All that engagement skyrockets you and your post to the top of the algorithm.

Facebook has been working to limit this strategy’s effectiveness, but LinkedIn hasn’t done much, and is still working like a champ.

Nobody should ever spam social media with junk – But, if you’re offering something of real value, there is nothing wrong with a tactic and it works.

Here’s how to create one.

STEP 1: Create Something Valuable

Put an interesting and value loaded download together that you can use for your offer – something that your prospects need, is extremely interesting or that can benefit them greatly in some way. If your content is awesome – your results will be too.

Warning: This tactic can generate a lot of bad leads if you’re too broad with your content. Free PowerPoint templates might be cool and valuable, but everyone, and their entire family will download them, defeating the purpose since only a portion of your leads will actually be qualified.

Using valuable content that is specifically geared toward your niche or target audience will ensure you’re not attracting leads that have no possibility of ever converting. The more of a connection your freebie has to your product or service – the better.

STEP 2: Create An Article

Instead of a general post, create a LinkedIn article.

Go to linkedin.com/post/new and create an article about what you’re giving away.

  • Make sure to include your freebie in the header.
  • The header image should give a peak at what they will get for free.
  • Both are important as they’ll show up in commentor’s news feeds.

This is what the engagement will look like:

Make sure you detail all the rules and how people can claim their freebie within the article. It’s suggested to put it at the top and bottom of the article.

STEP 3: Get A Landing Page

Using your website or a landing page provider, set-up the landing page and form.

  • Don’t try to gain too much info from your form. Having too many fields may discourage people from filling it out. Stick with email only – email and name at most.
  • Compress your freebie files as much as possible. If your offer takes off, it could effect your website.

STEP 4: Launch It

Post your LinkedIn article and start promoting it – right away.

Your goal is to get 1,000 comments. If you do, you’ll most likely go viral. However, it’s unlikely using only your own social media channels won’t get you there, so you’re going to have to spend a little money.

Promote your article with social ads until you get to the 1,000, then determine if it’s working, and worth it. 

Do whatever you need to do – just go for 1,000 comments as fast as possible.

If you find that it isn’t working or the leads aren’t the quality you were hoping for, revisit your offer content. 

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