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Power Pods

Power Pods are networks of large accounts (usually with 20k-100k+ followers that can provide you with blast of likes as soon as your post goes live – using Instagram’s algoryth to your advantage.

This works in two specific ways: 

  1. By large accounts sending a flood of traffic over to yours
  2. Triggering the algorithm to see that large accounts are enjoying your content. 

This will increase your post’s reach and greatly boost its chances of being placed on Instagram’s Explore page.”

How Does An Engagement Pod Work?

An engagement pod is a group of Instagram users that have teamed up and agreed to like EVERYTHING that anyone in the pod posts.

Many engagement pods use a messenger app called Telegram to automate the process.

This is because messages encrypted, so, they can’t be regulated by Instagram or Facebook and it is programmable allowing the management of the pod to be automated.


Choosing A Pod

There is quite a debate out there regarding whether it’s better to use general pods or niche specific pods.

While any engagement is beneficial, utilizing a pod within your niche or industry will always trumps those that are a mixed bag. However, you may find that there just aren’t enough people in your industy alone to make a real impact or get the results you want. Pods need at least 50 participaants to be effective. 

How Much Do Power Pods Cost?

While there are free pods out there, they tend to be less reliable. However, if you use a multitude of them, you may be able to receive some good results. Guaranteed pods will usually cost around $1,200-$1,700 a month, depending on how many likes they can gaurantee per day.

Finding A Pod

Finding a pod shouldn’t be that hard with a little searching online. But to help you get started, you can try some from the list below:

Automated Instagram Pods

Automated Instagram Pods
Instagram Pods On Telegram
Instagram Pods On Facebook

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