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Put Viral Content To Work

It’s not all about direct selling. Sometimes nurturing your audience for organic growth and future lead gen. You can do this with intriguing, entertaining, and inspirational posts related to your business without being directly about your business.

This allows you to build a following that relates to you and your brand – an audience who doesn’t just see you as a salesperson. 

The problem? Creating viral content is a pretty rough undertaking.

This strategy can help you find viral content to republish as your own and reap the benefits.

STEP 1: Find Your Sources


  1. Search for Pages in your niche or industry and click the video section.
  2. Look for engagement, relevence and videos that are eye-catching. 
  3. Copy and paste the links of your chosen videos and paste it into a spreadsheet to use later.


  1. Go to the top subreddits then filter by Hot, Rising and Top categories.
  2. Copy and paste those links into your spreadsheet, too.


Quote posts do surprisingly well on social media.

  1. Find an account that your target audience would likely follow or at least be interested in.
  2. Download their quote posts with DownloadGram.
  3. You can get a virtual assistant or freelancer from fivrr.com to remove any logos and add your own.


  1. Search for and find videos that your audience will connect with.
  2. Copy and past the links into the spreadsheet, too.


  1. Search and find groups and profiles that are within your niche or industry, preferably influencers.
  2. Copy and paste the links to their content in your spreadsheet.

When it’s time to post, you can save the videos to your machine and upload them directly or simply put the links from your spreadsheet into your posts. 

STEP 2: Outsource It

Finding a list of viral content, undoubtedly, can take a lot of time. If you don’t have time to collect viral videos – outsource it by using Upwork or other similar site. Within a few hours, You can have multiple freelancers ready and willing to perform this process for you.

STEP 3: Create A Post Schedule

  1. Once you have your list together, you’ll want to create a post schedule to mix the content but be regular with it. 
  2. Then, schedule your posts using Social Media Pro.

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