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Quora Lead Gen

Beyond lead generation, having a Quora presence can come with some incredible benefits. 

It helps you establish you as a leader within your industry and could get your content syndicated to major publications like Time and Inc. Magazine.

STEP 1: A Powerful Profile

Optimize your profile in accordance with your niche or industry.

You’ll want to include the following:

  • Detailed “About Me” section
  • Tagline
  • Areas of expertise
  • Interests
  • Cities
  • Schools & colleges you’ve attended
  • Previous companies
  • Connect your other social media accounts

NOTE: The tagline from your bio appears at the top of every answer you post. While you can customize this tagline for each topic you write about – stick to one to create stronger recognition across all the questions you answer.


STEP 2: A Better Bio

A good Quora bio = good lead generation!

Think of it like your personal landing page. 

Include elements such as:

  • A relevant offer
  • Social validation
  • A memorable picture
  • Links to your other content

Nicolas Cole’s bio uses a mix of brand names, features, imagery, and relevant offers to drive leads.

STEP 3: Find The Right Questions 10X Faster

To find your lead-generating questions, try to identify a few Quora writers within your niche or industry that you like and resonate with. Once you’ve found your favorites, bookmark the topics they follow by: clicking on who they follow, then selecting the “Topics” tab.

All questions are not created equal. Be sure to choose those with the following attributes:

  • 7:1 ratio of followers to the number of answers provided
  • A lot of followers but also a lot of bad answers
  • A question that you can provide a personal image to complement
  • An emotional aspect. This makes it easier to be genuine and personal with your answers
  • Relevant to the offer on your bio

Find poorly written answers that focus on self-promotion rather than providing value. For example, this image shows a question. You’ll notice that the top answer has a promotional link in the first sentence and gives almost zero value to the reader. Moreover, there’s a 7:1 ratio of followers to answers. Jackpot!”


You can search for questions by looking through individual topics that fit your niche or industry and simply save the best questions for later. To do this, click on the three dots next to a question and select “Answer Later.”

STEP 4: Showcase Your Work

It’s important to stand out to be successful in a digital world. Use images in every answer, if possible.

If you don’t have an image relevant to your answer, use a stock photo site or simply google.

Top influencers use images of themselves, celebrities, infographics that help answer the question, or a combination of these to generate a higher click-through rate on their answers. 

Pictures generate more upvotes because readers like to feel like someone is personally and genuinely answer the question at hand.

STEP 5: Make Responses Stand Out

For the best results try to incorporate personal stories, excellent advice, or humor into your answers. That way you’ll stand out as one of the best Quora writers.

A few phrases Quora readers respond well to are:

“Imagine this…”

“Let me explain…”

“Then everything changed…”


Another tactic that tends to do well is to write out dialogue and re-enact events. For example:

Me: What happened with that employee of your’s

Bob: The on that was showing up late?

Me: Ya, you mentioned you weren’t sure what to do

and so on… 


By using this tactic, you spark the readers imagination and immerse them in the scene using which can encourage a strong emotional connection. This often times results in a drastic increase in upvotes.”

STEP 6: Answer Questions…With Style

For increased engagement, it’s important to style your answers using these simple tips:

  • Be human – use metaphors to describe your emotions
  • Optimize for mobile – make your paragraphs are only 1-2 sentences
  • Bold your first sentence, important statements, and transitions
  • Remove all extra words, including “very,” “really,” and “that”
  • Use heavy contrast – “little did I know it would turn for the worst”
  • Reflect on troubles – “I could barely crawl out of bed”
  • Inspire – always end on a positive call to action
  • Use bullet points and numbering
  • Italicize most questions

STEP 7: Dig Deeper When You Strike Gold

If you see one of your answers going viral, jump on that opportunity. Write a follow-up answer with a sales or website plug and then include one in your “pinned answer”. This huge spike of people will be looking at other answers you’ve written nad you don’t want that activity to go to waste.

The trick is to make it look genuine and organic.

For example, putting a link at the end of an article to a helpful resource with no opt-in.

DON’T DO: Make hard asks (Start your free trial here!) or use click bait (“For tips 11 – 20, go here!”) to get people to visit your site.

DO: link to your company without it looking like a plug. For Example: “If you’re interested in learning more on this topic, we’ve written many articles about it. Check them out here.”

Another beneficial strategy is to include a backlink (someone elses site that is linkng to yours) in a list post. That way, it won’t look like you’re promoting yourself or being spammy.


Bonus tips:

  • Use your low-barrier offers like joining a Facebook Group. This is less promotional than a direct link to your website.
  • Don’t use links that go straight to a landing page, a page with a pop-up that appears right away, or an above the fold opt-in.
  • Use a line (created by typing many hyphens or periods in a row) to separate your call to action from your answer and be sure that your call to action is related to the question you answered.


STEP 8: Target Your Keywords

While keyword research is a whole other topic and too much to get into here, it is something that warrants a mention. 

Quora can help you rank on and possibly dominate Google.


Using the results from your preferred keyword tool, make a list of keywords to use when writing Quora answers.

By answering questions using keyword phrases that have moderate to high search volume, you’ll be far more efective and successful than if you don’t

STEP 9: Find Your Questions

Once you’ve got your keywords, search for questions related to them.

If there are questions that exist for your keyword, prioritize them with the criteria from step 3.

If there are NO questions related to your keyword, have a friend do you a favor and ask one for you. Make sure your friend includes the keywords in the description of thier question, too.


Warning: If Quora catches on and thinks you’re attemting to game the system, they’ll likely ban your account. To avoid this, split answers 50/50 among keyword-optimized questions and other questions. Also, and this should go without saying,  you wouldn’t want to answer your own question.

STEP 10: Get The Big Shot's Attention

Getting the attention of someone big on Quora, actually, isn’t that hard. Simply find questions they’ve answered and join in on the conversation and tag them.

Think of it like this: You need to build the relationship enough to get in touch directly. Once you’ve built up enough rapport with the person, you can offer to take the conversation offline over the phone or for coffee if they’re local.

Tag them, answer the same questions, and suggested edits are just a few ways you can start the conversation. In return, many big shots will tag you, generating more activity, leads and followers.

STEP 11: Get Featured

There’s is a chance that if you write an amazing answer, Quora could publish it on major media outlets. To increase your odds, target niches that are often syndicated.

You can also let their staff know when you feel one of your answers is note-worthy or good enough for publication.

To figure out what topics or niches to do this in, find someone with the phrase “Quora Media and Publishing Team” in their bio,. Then, look to the topics they follow and get an idea of where they’re looking. The fastest way to find thse people is to dive into the questions having to do with Quora Publishing.

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