Reputation Management

Why Reputation Matters

The state of your online reputation can make or break you in the modern digital climate. Every instance your business is mentioned online affects whether customers will find, choose, and trust you.

Everything a Local Business Needs to Succeed Online.

Local businesses need to be found where customers are looking.

Vendasta provides a set of solutions that helps your local business clients monitor, manage, and improve their online reputations. Agencies who sell Vendasta’s Reputation Management software retain their clients for longer1.

What is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the act of monitoring, influencing, growing, and managing what’s being said about a business online. Maintaining a positive online reputation is more essential and challenging than ever. This is due to the ever-increasing volume and wide variety of channels where consumers search for information. Consumers have tipped the balance of power. With more information than ever available at their fingertips, they can find out anything about a business—and fast! This shift to consumer-generated content and the transparency expected by businesses makes it essential to monitor and actively manage their online reputation. Reputation management is at the heart of a greater digital marketing strategy. Complementary pieces of reputation management include review management, business listings, digital advertising, social media management, and SEO.

Importance of Reputation Management.

People (at least 88% of them5) read reviews before they make a purchase decision. It’s now the first step in the modern customer journey, and without a positive online reputation, people just won’t trust a local business enough to buy from them. However, it takes time to build a positive reputation, which is why taking a proactive approach to reputation management using reputation management software is essential. While it can take years to cultivate a healthy online reputation, it may only take hours or minutes to undo all that work. Did you know that only 13% of consumers would consider purchasing from a business with a 1 or 2-star rating6? When negative reviews or comments happen online, it’s essential to be on top of them using online reputation management software.

How do I help my local business clients with reputation management?

Our products, Reputation Management and Customer Voice, bring everything that affects a business’s online reputation under one roof with one login so you can be their reputation hero.

With white-label review management services, a dedicated team will ensure all your clients’ reviews are answered promptly and professionally, so they can get back to doing what they do best—running their business!

Turn customer reviews into powerful Insights

Understanding the most prevalent keywords customers talk about helps you to uncover insights that lead to action! Make smart business decisions using data-backed knowledge right from your customers.

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