SMS Messaging in Business Center

We are excited to announce your business Center will now have the ability to send SMS text messages to your customers

Why Use SMS Messaging With Your Clients And Customers?

SMS is a top method of business-to-customer communication; in fact, 85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email. With this new feature, you’re able to communicate with your customers in their preferred method – and save time calling or sending emails.

Communicating with customers is a high-frequency task that all businesses need better, more efficient tools for. By giving you this tool, you can use it every day to increase your brand presence and help increase your success everyday. 

How Does SMS Messaging In Inbox work?

SMS in Inbox is now auto-enabled for all Digital Concierge clients within their Business App account. 

The Inbox tab in your Business App will have a new option to Send an SMS Message. Simply click the CTA and send your first message, a local* SMS phone number will automatically be assigned to your business account. 

(*local, when possible. See FAQ below for more information)

As a Digital Concierge client, you can either search for an existing contact or create a new one from the SMS screen. Once you begin sending SMS messages to your clients and customers, all conversations will be kept within Inbox.

What is the Cost of SMS in Inbox?

SMS in Inbox includes a free tier giving you the opportunity to try out SMS in Inbox, see the value, and upgrade to a paid tier. For the first release, only the free tier will be available. Paid tiers with prices will be available early 2021.

The free tier includes:

  • 100 outbound SMS credits
  • Unlimited incoming SMS credits
  • Unlimited unique conversations

Current release limitations

  • Business cannot yet receive cold-inbound-texts: Currently, conversations must be initiated by you and your business. If someone cold-texts your business’s assigned SMS number, this message will not appear in the app, and these messages will be lost.  Make sure not to advertise your assigned number publicly yet. There is a warning in the app, beside the SMS number, about this. We will be adding cold-inbound message support very soon.
  • MMS is not yet supported. Users cannot send or receive picture or video messages. Any incoming picture or video MMS messages will be dropped.
  • Daily Spam Limits: There is a daily send message limit of 250, set by our texting provider for spam prevention. At this time, there is no indicator in the app interface of how many messages have been sent – this will be coming soon. Currently, only a warning message will appear when this limit is reached.
  • Privacy: All messages sent or received will be viewable by everyone who has access to your business’s account. We’ve added an agreement that all users must agree to, before using SMS Messaging in Inbox, for transparency. In the future, we will be providing more privacy controls, to allow better control over who has access to messages.

What Can You Use SMS Messaging For?

SMS messaging can be applied to anything your business needs to contact your customers about. It can also be used as a communication channel for a customer to ask you and your business questions or get support.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Appointment confirmations, updates, reminders
  • Delivery notices
  • Order confirmations
  • Pricing and quotes
  • Answering customer questions and providing customer support
  • Update customer information
  • COVID-19 screening
  • Safe to enter business (due to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • And many more!

Frequently asked questions


When using Inbox Messaging for the first time, you will be automatically assigned an SMS number. The app will attempt to get a local number, based on your business profile address. If no local numbers are available, a number from a neighbouring area in your country will be assigned.

Sometimes, no local numbers are available. In such cases, it is possible to get a 800-number assigned to the business. Please contact your concierge for assistance with this.



Not right now. At this time, it’s not yet possible to receive cold inbound SMS messages.  This will be enabled in the coming weeks, so it’d be best to wait until this feature is released before you share your SMS number publicly. 



New messages automatically appear live in the app, page-reloading is not required. Users can also receive an instant notification email when a new message comes in, or a daily digest email. In the future, other notification types will become available.



Not at this time. We are providing no cost use of SMS Messaging in Inbox to our early adopters. In the near future, we will be restricting free sent messages to 100 per month, with the option to purchase additional messaging tiers.



Currently, the app does not provide any indication of how many messages you’ve sent. We will be adding message counting in the near future.



Not at this time. In the future, Inbox and Customer Voice will utilize the same credit bundle. However, currently these are separate, and the SMS phone number in Customer Voice is different as well. 



Businesses located in USA and Canada can use SMS Messaging. This feature is not yet available in other countries.

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