Start Your Reputation Management By Getting Your Online Reviews Grade For Your Business

Taking control of your businesses online reputation can be a daunting task. Where do you start? Well, we have great news! We are excited to announce that beginning February 3rd, 2021, Digital Concierge will launch our Business Review Grade!

What Is The Business Review Grade?

The Business Review Grade is a letter grade given to your business so that your can easily evaluate your online review presence. While we currently use the Business Review Grade in our sales intelligence report and Snapshot Report to evaluate your business’ online reputation before partnering with you – we are now including the Business Review Grade to your business’ Digital Concierge Executive Report. This enhances reporting transparency, shows proof of your digital marketing performance over time, and allows you to make meaningful and attainable goals to get your business on the first page of Google.

How is the Business Review Grade calculated?

The Business Review Grade is calculated based on your business’s performance in four categories:

  • Average review score
  • Number of review sources
  • Reviews  found
  • Number of reviews found per month

Scores in the four categories are then combined and compared to your industries average to get the final letter grade using this percentile grading system:

  • A = 90 – 100th percentile
  • B = 75 – 89th percentile
  • C = 50 – 74th percentile
  • D = 30 – 49th percentile
  • F = 0 – 29th percentile

For example, if a business has an average review score of 3.5. This puts the business in the 10th percentile compared to the industry average (4.32) and industry leader (5). This category receives an F. The same calculations are done for the other three categories and a combined score results in a Review Grade of C.

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