Why Local Business Listings Are Important?

The more sites that have your business info listed correctly, the more likely you'll be found by customers searching for businesses, products, and services like yours.

You’ve probably caught wind of the 70+ listing registries on the web, and you’ve most likely heard that you should list your business on those sites. 

However, despite everything you’ve listened to, you may be asking: Why does it matter or make a difference if you’ve already got a website and social media profiles?

The Answer: Leads and Customers. The more site listings that effectively and reliably list your business information, the more chance you have to be found by prospective customers. Online listing sites are similar to a phone book. It’s no longer enough for your business to be listed in just one place in today’s digital world. You need to be listed everywhere.

Here are 5 reasons why these listings are so critical to local business.

1) Give Your Local Search Ranking A Boost

Search engines like Google continuously crawl through the web, searching for information related to your business. They look for what experts call NAP (mentions your business’ name, address, and telephone number). Even slight errors or inaccuracies can raise a red flag that your business might not be credible when they do this. When you fix these NAP data issues, search engines see consistency in your citations, which creates a reputation that your business is reliable and trustworthy – on and off your website. Because search engines want to supply their users with the best results possible, this can boost your position in search rankings and potentially gain your business a premier spot like in Google’s Local Three Pack map list.

2) Consistency isn't just for search engines - customers care too. 

Imagine this: A prospective client finds an out-of-date telephone number for your business and tries to call, but instead of reaching you, they get an error message. Or they attempt to visit your office but find it empty because you moved a year ago. The next stop for that prospect is going to be to your competitor. You have to make sure that people can find you and contact you no matter where they’re looking for your product or service.

3) Claim Your Reputation

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just correcting your current local listings. Claiming and “securing” your business listings is vital to ensure they stay consistent and don’t change once you’ve claimed and corrected them. Online indexes get business listing information from aggregators that use government records and other open information sources. While this data is sometimes no longer valid, they could overwrite your business’s listing — even after you corrected it! Or what’s even more appalling is a shady competitor could claim one or more of your listings as their own and replace your information with theirs. Securing your listings is critical to ensuring your business’s online reputation. 

4) The Benefits Of Streamlined Online Business Listings

More Web Traffic

As mentioned above, once your online business listings are streamlined and corrected, Google, Bing, and other search engines see your business as real and trusted. When search engines trust your business, they’ll place it in front of more people searching for your products or services. That means tons more traffic to your website and might even earn you a position in Google’s Local Three Pack, Google Maps, or primo placement in other places online.

The Mobile Movement

These days, most people are performing web-searches on cell phones. It’s just as easy for a potential customer to call you as it is for them to visit your website. That can be a massive asset for local businesses and a massive loss if they can’t find the right number. Maintaining your local business listings is the only way to ensure your prospective customers find you.

5) Make It Easy!

There are 40+ local directories, apps, and maps where your business information can be listed. Claiming, correcting, and securing your data on every one of these sites would take quite a lot of time and effort. Luckily, Digital Concierge has made it simple! Our Snapshot Listing Scan report shows you exactly where and how your business is listed across the web. Then our Listing Builder software allows you to create one locally optimized listing that syncs to those 40+ listing sites and aggregators in a click of a button. Not only that, but the Listing Builder Software will also continually monitor and sync your business information, so you never have an incorrect listing again. Get your FREE Listing Scan Report now and make sure your customers can find you!


See exactly how and where your business is listed across the web. Find errors and missing listings and start increasing your online presence today!

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